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“We had a lovely morning learning how to shop for our ingredients, down to why one aubergine was better than another, and then how to cook it all! Everything was explained really clearly and our endless questions were answered with a real passion for sharing Thai culture. Excess ingredients were packaged up professionally for us to take home. We really can’t think of anything that would have made the experience better” Nicole 2015

“I had a private, one to one, three hour session with Jiab in her kitchen. I cook quite a lot and have turned my hand to Thai food in the past. However I learnt some really useful cooking skills regarding the balance of flavours, use of spices and the amount of time you need to put in to making a great Thai curry paste. Jiab is a very knowledgeable teacher and made the three hours a charming and very pleasant experience, the time just flew by. I would highly recommend this cooking course to any individual or couple who want to increase their knowledge of authentic Thai cooking and flavours. Many thanks Jiab, a great day and the food was fantastic, my wife just loved the balance of flavours” Graham 2015

“The lesson was a gift from our children for a 25th Wedding present. Myself and my husband thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Su was wonderful and her knowledge and advice on where to buy ingredients were as much of interest as the practical hands on cooking. She made us feel welcome and relaxed in her kitchen and the food was delicious. We would recommend the experience to anyone- a really memorable gift” Pamela 2015

“We were made to feel very welcome at Sue’s home where we learned lots about Thai cooking and Thai culture. We really enjoyed getting involved in making authentic Thai food which we will definitely be making again at home from the recipes we were given. I would definitely do this again and was a great gift” Helen 2015

“My experience with Saowaluk (Su) in Northumberland was fantastic. She was extremely welcoming, very knowledgable and her teaching style was brilliant. I have learnt so much about thai cooking, but also other key tips for cooking beef and general curries and pastes. Awesome few hours learning and cooking and would fully recommend anyone to try out some lessons to learn how to create this fantastic cuisine. Su was 5 Stars, in fact she was Su Perb!!!” Tom 2015

“It was fantastic and so was the food! Sue was great to have as a teacher as she is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Thai cooking. We picked up some great tips on the actual cooking and Sue was happy to answer any questions we had. She also gave us lots of information about sourcing ingredients. An all-round great experience.” Sue 2015

“Shopping for ingredients with Jiab was invaluable – informative & fun. She had prepared well for the three of us. In her teaching she was patient; explained everything very well, especially how individual ingredients went together and how they contributed to the overall recipe. She made sure we all were involved in the preparation. Food was lovely” Mary 2014

“I am from Thailand and Sue said I am her first Thai student for cooking class. Sue is a very good teacher who knows very well about Thai cooking since she had to go cook since she was young. This make her knows each tip of Thai cooking. Besides, she is generous and very kind to me” Valailak, 2014

“The value of the course was split between two components, firstly the shopping experience was very enlightening as to where and why certain ingredients were to be obtained and the reasoning behind it. Secondly, the cooking methods and timings were very well explained and helpful in a way that just reading about it would not compare. The practical orientated lesson was very well structured, unhurried and resulted in an exceptional meal that was exquisite even when reheated and eaten an hour or two later at home. Having now shared the results with our extended family, the consensus is that it far exceeds that of the usual Thai takeaway experience. Jiab was very pleasant and professional in her demeanour during the lesson and enthused us in her passion for Thai cooking. We would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wishing to undertake Thai cooking and will certainly be looking to book another session for different recipes soon” Teresa & Andy 2014

“Teacher understood Thai food. She modified the content of the lessons to suit me personally. The ingredients were top quality and the food delicious. I especially liked the lesson when we went shopping to learn where and how to buy the genuine Thai ingredients. I enjoyed the method of learning by working in parallel and each preparing half of the dish. I plan to do more lessons next year after visiting Thailand” Ann 2014

“Part of the charm was cooking in Jiab’s own flat and kitchen. But we had everything we needed and Jiab herself was a great teacher. I definitely felt I was having both a cooking and This culture lesson. I paid the extra so we could cook double portions and the food I ate that night with my wife was divine and I have been cooking a lot of Thai since the lesson. I will definitely recommend Jiab to all of my friends and to others” Chris 2014

“We had a wonderful time with Jiab and learnt a lot about the ingredients and methods in Thai cooking. We would definately recommend Thai Style to our friends and family. The food we made was exceptional and authentic and will definately be cooking more Thai at home using our new knowledge” James 2014

“I thought the lesson was very good. Jiab provided a lot of background information about Thai food and the reason for cooking the food the way it was done. She was very patient with all my questions and was a very good teacher. I thought that doing the shopping before the lesson was a great idea and helped me know what to look for in the future. I would definitely recommend the cooking courses. You learn so much and I think that they are good value” Trevor 2014

“I have enjoyed an excellent experience delivered by a friendly and knowledgeable teacher. I have gained knowledge and skills regarding Thai cooking and ingredients, and now feel confident to cook for family and friends so they can enjoy this fantastic cuisine. I’m addicted. thanks to Sue!” Nigel 2014

“I would definitely recommend booking the lesson that includes shopping for ingredients first. Jiab showed us which ingredients to buy, how to check if they were fresh, and introduced us to some products that we had never heard of before. Back in her kitchen she explained everything very clearly, and allowed us to do 95% of the work required, and only took over if she wanted to show us a specific technique, or to give us a rest from bashing the pestle and mortar! Thank you for a brilliant afternoon Jiab, we will definitely be back to learn some more from you” Phil 2014

“It was really good fun – Sue was an excellent teacher informative but laid back – not to mention delicious” Emma 2014

“To give it a try, if you enjoy eating thai food it is a great opportunity to learn how to make wonderfully flavoursome food from scratch with direction from a really knowledgeable and welcoming host. As this is a private class you do not feel rushed and are able to do things at your own speed, and after cooking you have the chance to sit down and enjoy what you have prepared and cooked, served and presented by Sue, who will sit and chat with you and answer any further questions you may have. Overall it is a really interesting and relaxing way to spend 2-3 hours of your time, and if you don’t eat everything you cook, Sue will package up what remains, allowing you to enjoy again at home the next day. Thanks again Sue and good luck with your business” Richard and Louise, 2014

“This is a ‘must-do’ experience for anyone interested in learning how to cook Thai food from scratch authentically. Jiab, my fantastic teacher, was like a food ninja; she made it look effortless (it wasn’t) . I really enjoyed going round the shops first for fresh ingredients, as I would never have previously the courage to shop in an Asian or Chinese supermarket. I absolutely loved the whole day. One of my best Christmas presents ever. One tip – take a camera and do lots of photos/video as there is too much to remember as you are going along” Andrew 2013

“Ladda was an incredible teacher: it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and the food was the most delicious Thai I had ever tasted! Highly recommended” Meritxell 2013

“A must do if your a big fan of Thai food. Learn how to cook traditional Thai dishes from a Thai person. Our teacher, Sue was so helpful and friendly and made us feel right at home from the moment we stepped through the door. I learnt how to make my favourite dish, Massaman properly which was fantastic. There was lots left to take home as well. It was a surprise Birthday present for my girlfriend and she had a great day” Ben 2013

“A very fun and easy going lesson with a friendly, knowledgable teacher, and the food was fantastic! I will definitely use these recipes a lot. I highly recommend the experience to others. You should definitely learn how to cook the pork stew!” Tom 2013

“I booked an afternoon with Ladda for my boyfriend and myself to learn how to cook the perfect thai green curry. Our experience far surpassed our expectations – an amazingly personal and thoughtful lesson with a lovely lady who was both knowledgable and patient. I could not recommend her highly enough! Ladda, many thanks” Sarah 2013

“Ladda was our teacher and she was amazing. She took us shopping and explained what she was buying as well teaching us how to make the food step by step. It felt as if we had a adopted a Thai mother for the day, it was very cosy and insightful evening during which we produced some seriously delicious Thai foods and we now also know how to prepapre these!!. I would 100% recommend this experience and teacher. Thank you Ladda for a wonderful session xxx :)” Isis & Dave 2013

“I would highly recommend this course to both a keen thai food fan or complete novice. From the moment I met my teacher Ladda, her vast knowledge of foods & flavours combined with her natural welcoming and warm manner made the afternoon a complete joy. I will definitely be booking in for another class with Ladda” Javier 2013

“Ladda, is a great teacher of Thai cooking. Her advice in shopping for the ingredients and herbs/ spices makes all the difference in those looking for authentic Thai taste. I highly recommend her lessons for anyone looking to recreate Thai food in their kitchens at home” Alex 2013

“I had a one-to-one lesson with Ladda last week, and it was absolutely great: she is a nice, quiet and knowledgeable lady and I liked her attitude and her deep love for Thai culture and cooking. She was very helpful in the Asian supermarket while explaining me which ingredients I should buy and how to use them; then we went to her house and that’s where the magic happens. Absolutely the best Thai food ever, super fresh, tasty and healthy, explained in an easy way. She showed me everything, from cutting to dosing the ingredients and even recognizing the right taste. Nothing formal or fancy, but very familiar and cosy…just the way I like it!” Irene 2013

“Had my first cookery lesson with Jiab yesterday Friday the 8th March. I included the shopping option which I thoroughly recommend. You not only buy the ingredients but you are given an understanding of the best quality, when you are selecting. I also was introduced to some new vegetables which I shall definitely buy in the future. Jiab was an excellant chef and she made sure I was involved throughout the preparation of the food, including scaling and gutting the fish. The whole experience was excellant and my comments above reflect how impressed I was. Have recommended to my wife and daughter, who both loved the food. I will definitely book another lesson. Thank you again Jiab and look forward to our next lesson. Kind regards” Mike, 2013

“We very much enjoyed our lesson with you and we hope to put everything you taught us to very good practice. it was a great experience, one that we’re both glad to have had. you’re a great teacher, passionate and easy to talk to” Emma and Steve, 2013

“I booked this course for my mother in law and my husband, all of us had a wonderful time. Jiab is very friendly and patient, the food is the best! Absolutely much better than from restaurant! Thanks again Jiab and Tom!” Xiaobo, Feb 2013

“Best Thai food I’ve ever had, fingers crossed I can make it the same next time. Really enjoyable way of learning to cook Thai” Rob, Oct 2012

“We had a lovely day and my 10 year old daughter really enjoyed the experience of shopping for different foods and finding out about Thai style. Lovely kitchen and relaxed atmosphere. We loved the food and didn’t manage to save it for dinner time!! Throughly recommended! Lovely gift” Claire – September 2012

“I was a nervous pupil but have a passion for Thai food. Having tried to cook from recipes I thought it was time to let an expert show me how and I was not disappointed at all. Jiab made me feel very comfortable and the knowledge she shared with me was immense.From showing me how to spot the best ingredients to cooking them to make beautiful food, Jiab’s teaching skills are superb. I very rarely do things without my husband by my side so this was a huge event for me to do this lesson alone but Jiab made me feel relaxed and I enjoyed every moment. Thank you” Kimberley – September 2012

“I just wanted to thank you for such a great cookery lesson yesterday. It was a wonderful experience right from the start with the ‘how to shop’ introduction and then the actual cooking in the wonderful environment of your kitchen. The food was just what I had hoped for and beyond. I am definitely going to try and recreate both dishes this weekend” Julie – July 2012

“Thoroughly enjoyable, non rushed, relaxed course, enabling you to learn and prepare a wide variety of Thai dishes and the best part being able to eat them after. I bought this 6 lesson course as a gift for my partner as a birthday present and he really enjoyed the time spent away from the daily grind and learning something different. Jiab is a lovely lady with an extensive knowledge being from Bangkok herself and she was very flexible with times and days to suit our busy schedules. Thank you :)” 10/10 – Jan 2012 – Tanya

“I could not recommend the lesson more highly. Our teacher Jiab was friendly, relaxed, informative and helpful. She never rushed us – the lesson lasted 4 hours!! great value for money, lots of useful advice about buying ingredients, cooking techniques etc. and AMAZING tasting food. we had a genuinely great time” 10/10 – Jan 2012 – Ian

‘My wife booked the cookery course for me and I had a great day with Jiab who I later discovered had started ‘Thai Style’ in Brighton. I shopped for authentic ingredients with a Jiab who clearly has a passion for Thai cookery, coming from a Thai family background. She spent just over 4 hours with me, shopping and cooking and I never felt rushed. All questions answered fully. She was fully prepared in her own kitchen, provided me with Jasmine tea, printed recipes, containers to take my food home in and rice to take with me. Now I need to practise. I had never really used a pestle and mortar before but will be doing now. I was introduced not only to ‘new’ ingredients (eg galangal) but shown how to pick out the freshest at the Asian supermarket. Infact we bought ingredients from 3 different locations in order to get the widest range of good quality products. I don’t know if all Thai Style’s teachers are as good as the one I had (in Hove, West Sussex) but think I was very lucky and………….yes………..I would like to learn more. Must go now as I have Pad Thai to cook for dinner. The printed recipies which were provided by the company are great. They are detailed and not too difficult to follow (even for a man). I would like to have been given the chance to buy these in the form of a book or a series of printed sheets. Thanks for my day Jiab’ 10/10 – Nov 2011 - Colin

‘Very enjoyable, amazing food’ 10/10 – Oct 2011 - Alison

‘I just wanted to say thank you for our lesson on Friday, it was brilliant and really enoyable. We’ll definitely recommend you to our friends!’ 10/10 – Aug 2011 – Gemma

‘Everything about the course was great. The food was wonderful, Jiab is an excellent teacher and really inspires you to go home and cook some more. There are still a few gaps in my Thai cooking knowledge so I will certainly be back! I would highly recommend’ 10/10 – Aug 2011 – Michael

‘Jiab welcomed us into her kitchen with customary Thai warmth and gave us a fantastic introduction to her traditional homestyle cooking, from papaya salad to massaman curry. Along with the recipes, she taught us all the necessary slicing, spicing, smashing and dicing techniques used to achieve deliciously authentic (and often firey!) dishes. It was a real pleasure cooking with Jiab, especially because she made each element of the course so fun and enjoyable. Thanks ever so much, Jiab. Holly and I really enjoyed our Tuesday evenings with you!’ 10/10 – July 2011 - Tim

‘A very relaxed and enjoyable experience, Jiab makes the cooking lesson feel unhurried and her knowledge and love of the food is truly inspiring. Even I came away feeling like I could cook and keen to make more amazing dishes!’ 10/10 – May 2011 - Andy

‘It was absolutely amazing, the food, the lessons and Jiab. Jiab is a great teacher, a brilliant cook and a very lovely person. Thank you for this experience and for the insight you gave me into the Thai-cuisine and culture.’ 10/10 – June 2011 - Patrizia

‘Delicious! Brilliant, I’ll be back! Highly recommended, great teaching, learn what ingredients are best to buy, delicious food and easy to follow recipes to take home.’ 10/10 Natalie

‘Lovely lady who is very patient and accomodating. Really enjoyed the lesson and would go again’ :) 10/10 Kelly C

‘I would reccomend taking a cooking lesson to a friend. I really enjoyed learning the new dish and will make it at home. Jiab was really friendly and welcomed me into her kitchen, we had lots of fun!’ 10/10 Emma P

‘Come and have a go! Jiab, you should write a cookbook!’ 10/10 Joy and Lewis

‘Great experience, good lesson, easy taught. I enjoyed every aspect.’ 9/10 Philippa, Barnie and Bob

‘A very interesting insight into Thai cooking. Would certainly reccomend Jiabs lessons.’ 10/10 Jessica

‘The best Thai Curry i’ve ever eaten! Lovely, informative and personal.’ 10/10 Adrian and Rebecca

‘Enjoyed watching and doing the process of making curry paste. Personal and informative lesson. V.Good and interesting. Very enjoyable. Keep going – the service is excellent!’ 9/10 Elaine

‘FAB! The Best! Go for it!’ 10/10 Fran

‘Amazing! Jiab was a great teacher – relaxed and informal atmosphere too. We learned so much about the dish and other techniques and ingredients too! Makes a great gift!’ 10/10 Shaun and Chloe

‘Wonderful, calming, educational experience. Very welcoming and professional. Everything was perfect!’ 10/10 Lucy

‘We will be recommending Thai Style. We really enjoyed every part, thank you.’ 10/10 Emily and Matthew

‘A very friendly and knowledgeable teacher about Thai cuisine’ 10/10 Nicholas and Penny

‘Informative, good fun, easy and simple methods. Jiab has a lovely nature and would have no hesitation recommending her course…. and I have done!’ 10/10 Jenny

‘A very pleasent and informative way of learning about Thai cooking.’ 10/10 Mike

‘Warm welcome, very hospitable and informative, excellent food. Yum Yum!’ 10/10 Maggie

‘Absolutely brilliant, really authentic and great tasting. Really friendly and personal. Jiab is brilliant and obviously a great cook.’ 10/10 Christopher

‘I was bought the lesson as a birthday gift and would definitely consider buying lessons for someone else as it’s a fantastic present and a fun thing to do with a friend or partner. I was really pleased to learn a new skill that i’ll be doing again. I’m looking forward to cooking for my friends!’ 10/10 Nicola