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Private Thai Cooking Lessons


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Sa-Wud-Dee Ka (Hello in Thai), my name is Saowaluk and welcome to my Thai kitchen! I’m from Trat in Eastern Thailand. I am a versatile cook based in Newbiggin on the Sea.

When I grew up in Thailand, I could get food anywhere and everywhere. I didn’t realise how much I loved Thai food until I traveled outside Thailand. My passion for Thai food has now grown more from living aboard. In Thailand my favourite activity was to try new food. My friends and I really love to go to taste speciality foods from different restaurants.

“Thai food reminds me of my family when I was young”

I was born into a Thai family with strong traditions. In the old days, the Thai kitchen was the same level with the floor. My mum is a very good cook. She sold food for a number of years. When my mum was cooking she sat me on the floor and she didn’t move any where else. The girls in family must assisted mum in the kitchen every day. Mum taught my sisters and I to be able to cook by ourself ready for when we start our own family. I can still feel, smell and taste the food of each dish to this day still. That is the way we learn how to cook Thai food.

I started my catering business and teaching cooking in 2007. The business went well but after I had a baby I stopped the business for a few years. I have recently re-started the business again this year.

“Thai food is healthy and brings people together”

I cook Thai food every day for myself, my family and friends. I think Thai food is healthy and brings people together. I know how to cook Thai food very well but another important thing is to know how to find good ingredients to make authentic Thai food. I also learn from my experience how to adapt Thai food to suite western palates. I am sure you will love to learn with me and I look forward to meeting you soon!

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Lesson Option 1

Description: Private lesson, not including the cost of ingredients. I will purchase the ingredients and you will pay me back on the day of the lesson. I will purchase the best brands, fresh herbs and vegetables and you can take home the left over ingredients after the lesson. You can also choose how much to buy to plan for future meals. The cost of ingredients depends on your menu choices and how many portions you choose to cook, usually around £20 for one person and £10 for additional people. After cooking two Thai dishes of your choice, you can eat the food at mine or take it away, along with any unused ingredients. I provide containers if you would like to take your food home.

Duration: up to 3.5 hours (depending on dishes, cooking time and other factors)

Cost: 1 person £69  |  2 people £90 (£45pp)  |  3 People £120 (£40pp)



Lesson Option 2

Description: Private lesson, including the cost of ingredients, we will start the lesson at my kitchen where I will have all the ingredients to prepare and cook two dishes of your choice. After cooking, you can eat the food at mine, or take away the food home in containers I provide. This option would suit people buying a gift voucher and want to include all the costs. Please note; Seafood dishes are excluded or an additional £2 per person, per seafood dish, can be charged.

Duration: up to 2.5 hours (depending on dishes, cooking time and other factors)

Cost: 1 Person £90  |  2 people £120 (£60pp)  |  3 People £150 (£50pp)



Lesson Option 3

Description: Private lesson, including the cost of ingredients in the lesson and you will take the food home with you. We will meet at my kitchen in Brunswick Square and in just one hour I will teach you how to create a Thai dinner. Please note; Seafood dishes are excluded or an additional £2 per person can be charged.

Duration: up to 1.5 hours (depending on dishes, cooking time and other factors)

Cost: (Sorry, this option is no longer available due to low demand)



Lesson Option 4 : Thai Cooking Course

I run private Thai cookery courses, a very interesting series of 6 private lessons teaching you the arts of cooking Thai curries, salads, vegetable carving and lots more!

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“To give it a try, if you enjoy eating thai food it is a great opportunity to learn how to make wonderfully flavoursome food from scratch with direction from a really knowledgeable and welcoming host. As this is a private class you do not feel rushed and are able to do things at your own speed, and after cooking you have the chance to sit down and enjoy what you have prepared and cooked, served and presented by Sue, who will sit and chat with you and answer any further questions you may have. Overall it is a really interesting and relaxing way to spend 2-3 hours of your time, and if you don’t eat everything you cook, Sue will package up what remains, allowing you to enjoy again at home the next day. Thanks again Sue and good luck with your business” Richard and Louise, 2014


Buy a Gift Voucher : Available for all my lessons and make a unique gift. Buy a Gift Voucher Here.

Redeem a Voucher : Use our online booking form to redeem a gift voucher. Vouchers need to be booked and completed before the expiry date displayed on the voucher. Expired vouchers cannot be redeemed.

Availability :

Monday : Lessons start from 4pm- 5pm

Tuesday : Unavailable

Wednesday  : Lessons start from 4pm- 5pm

Thursday : Unavailable

Friday : Lessons start from 4pm- 5pm

Saturday-Sunday : Lessons start from 10am- 6pm.

Location : I am based in Newbiggin on the Sea in Northumberland, about 30 minutes from Newcastle.

Bookings : Book a lesson or redeem a gift voucher using the online booking form. Please book as far in advance as possible as my lessons are very popular and I can get very busy.

Contact Details : You can contact me to ask a question on 07576111140 or email To book a lesson please use the online booking form.

Cancellations : Can be made 3 days in advance of the lesson but a charge may be added for cancellations within 3 days of the booking. I try to avoid a cancellation fee where possible, but this does depend on other bookings, if I have had to prepare ingredients and peak times. Please contact me to discuss further.