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Homemade Thai Food

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Private Thai Cooking Lessons

Brighton & Hove – Teacher Jiab

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About Me : Hi, my name is Jiab. I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. My mother is from Lampang in Northern Thailand and she is an expert in Thai cuisine. She taught me how to cook Thai food from the four corners of the country using traditional cooking methods. Cooking turned into a passion of mine at a young age and now I live in Brighton I love to teach people about homemade Thai food and the importance of good, fresh ingredients.

“Good healthy food is what matters”


What to Expect? : I like to start my lessons at a local market to show you what brands to buy and how to choose your fresh ingredients. We will then make a short walk back to my kitchen to prepare and cook your chosen dishes. I teach cooking methods unique to Thailand, not usually found in a western kitchen, so it is important to know what ingredients to use. I explain the history behind Thai table manners, how to serve and garnish with beautifully carved fruit and veg, sauces and condiments. With soft background music you can expect a welcoming, friendly and very informative lesson and you will leave with the recipes, knowledge and the inspiration to cook more homemade Thai food.

“I aim to create an unforgettable, authentic and educational experience”


My Food : My Curry Paste is homemade traditionally using a mortar and pestle. This laborious method of making curry paste grinds the taste out of the herbs helping to release more flavour. I do not use any MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) or artificial colourings or flavours in my dishes which are regularly used throughout Thailand and in your local restaurants. It makes a BIG difference cooking with fresh produce – come and taste the difference!

“Thai food and language is my passion, my lifestyle”


“Jiab welcomed us into her kitchen with customary Thai warmth and gave us a fantastic introduction to her traditional homestyle cooking, from papaya salad to massaman curry. Along with the recipes, she taught us all the necessary slicing, spicing, smashing and dicing techniques used to achieve deliciously authentic (and often firey!) dishes. It was a real pleasure cooking with Jiab, especially because she made each element of the course so fun and enjoyable. Thanks ever so much, Jiab. Holly and I really enjoyed our Tuesday evenings with you!” 10/10 – July 2011 - Tim & Holly

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Lesson Option 1 : Shop and cook two dishes

Description: Private lesson, not including the cost of ingredients we start the lesson at a local Asian market to buy the ingredients. I will show you the best brands to buy and how to choose your fresh herbs and vegetables. You can choose how much to buy to plan for future meals. The cost of ingredients depends on the dishes you choose, usually around £20 for one person and £10 for additional people. After cooking two Thai dishes of your choice, you can eat the food at mine or take it away, along with any unused ingredients. I provide containers if you would like to take your food home.

Duration: up to 3.5 hours (depending on dishes, cooking time and other factors)

Cost: 1 person £69  |  2 people £90 (£45pp)  |  3 People £120 (£40pp)



Lesson Option 2 : Cook two dishes

Description: Private lesson, including the cost of ingredients, we will start the lesson at my kitchen where I will have all the ingredients to prepare and cook two dishes of your choice. After cooking, you can eat the food at mine, or take away the food home in containers I provide. This option would suit people buying a gift voucher and want to include all the costs. Please note; Seafood dishes are excluded or an additional £2 per person, per seafood dish, can be charged.

Duration: up to 2.5 hours (depending on dishes, cooking time and other factors

Cost: 1 Person £90  |  2 people £120 (£60pp)  |  3 People £150 (£50pp)



Lesson Option 3 : Cook one dish

Description: Private lesson, including the cost of ingredients in the lesson and you will take the food home with you. We will meet at my kitchen in Brunswick Square and in just one hour I will teach you how to create a Thai dinner. Please note; Seafood dishes are excluded or an additional £2 per person can be charged.

Duration: up to 1.5 hours (depending on dishes, cooking time and other factors)

Cost: (Sorry, this option is no longer available due to low demand)



Lesson Option 4 : Thai Cooking Course

I run private Thai cookery courses, a very interesting series of 6 private lessons teaching you the arts of cooking Thai curries, salads, vegetable carving and lots more!

Read about my 6 lesson Thai cooking course Click Here




General Information :

Buy a Gift Voucher : Available for all my lessons and make a unique gift. Buy a Gift Voucher Here.

Redeem a Voucher : Use our online booking form to redeem a gift voucher. Vouchers need to be booked and completed before the expiry date displayed on the voucher. Expired vouchers cannot be redeemed.

Book a Lesson : Book a lesson or redeem a gift voucher using the online booking form. Please book as far in advance as possible as my lessons are very popular and I can get very busy.

Contact Details : You can contact me to ask a question on

Cancellation Policy : Changes can be made 3 days in advance of the booking but a charge may be added for cancellations within 3 days of the booking. I try to avoid a cancellation fee where possible, but this does depend on peak times. Bookings cannot be cancelled within 24 hours.

Lesson Options : My lessons are for private groups only, maximum of 3 people. I can provide tuition for an individual or private group; including or not including the cost of ingredients. I am unable to travel to teach at your location as I can better ensure you have a great experience when you come to learn at my kitchen.

Location : My kitchen is located in Brunswick Square on the Brighton and Hove seafront. I like to start my lessons by meeting you at a local market to show you what ingredients to buy and how to choose the best produce. We will then walk to my kitchen for the lesson.


General Availability :

My availability below is updated month by month but if you would like to discuss dates and times in more detail before booking please contact me. I advise you to book early to avoid disappointment. During peak times I can get booked up 6 weeks in advance.


July 2015 > : Bookings Closed

I am currently unavailable for bookings. Please contact teacher Pim here


Please note : As I am now fully booked for the remaining 2014 all new bookings and gift vouchers can be purchased for redemption during 2015. If you still have a gift voucher to redeem that expires in 2014 please contact me as soon as possible to check for cancellations / new availability.


To find out more about Thai food join my Facebook page for updates and read my articles on Thai Cuisine and Thai Herbs. The recipes I teach have been passed down from my family’s past generations. I have documented the recipes created by local Thai people, not the average Thai meal from a restaurant or supermarket.


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